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2017 Ocean Grove

  Gospel Musical Ministry Series Program List 

     ( Location: Ocean Grove Camp        Meeting Boardwalk Pavilion )


    Trying to walk in the steps of the Savior,  

trying to follow our Savior and King;  

Shaping our  lives by His blessed example,  

Happy, how happy, the songs that we bring. 

How beautiful to walk in the steps of the Savior, 

Led in paths of light. (E.E.Hewitt, W.J.Kirkpatrick) 


Fri Jun 9 7:30      T Dave McIntosh

Sat Jun 10 1pm   T The Pettets

Sat Jun 10 3+7pmG Mercys Vessel

Sun Jun 11 2pm  T Bob Orlowski

Sun Jun 11 4:30 ST Rev. Steve+Edith Craft & Bob Orlowski

Fri Jun 16 7:30    B Glen & Agnes Fox

Sat Jun 17 1pm   H Ehad/Songs of Fanny Crosby

Sat Jun 17 3pm   H Tom Rich/Ocean Grove

Sat Jun 17 7pm   B New Life Worship Ministry/Toms River

Sun Jun 18 2pm  B New Creation Band

Sun Jun 18 4:30   T Paul & Mary Good

Sun Jun 25 2pm  H Michelle LaPaglia/Piano Pgm/Wisconsin

Sun Jun 25 4:30  P Raphael & Aly Giglio/Zarephath

Thu Jun 29 7:30 SB Rich Sivo+New Durham Music/Piscat.

Fri Jun 30 2pm    T Bob+Mimi Koerner/Tin Whistle/Brick 

Fri Jun 30 4pm   H Craig Fritchey/Keyboard Hymns

Fri Jun 30 7:30    B Katherine Coleman

Sat Jul 1 Noon     Dee Billing/World Vision Promotions

Sat Jul 1 1pm      P Freddie Fish & The Loaves/SNJ

Sat Jul 1 3pm      T Alyssa Storm Gould/Toms River

Sat Jul 1 7pm      B doorjam Franklin Reformed Ch-Nutley

Sun Jul 2 2pm   ST Craig Baxter+Grace Lighthouse-Gr.B-All.

Sun Jul 2 4:30   SB Monmouth Worship Center Min./Marlb.

Tue Jul 4 2pm     H Michelle LaPaglia/Piano Pgm/Wisconsin

Tue Jul 4 4pm      T Nancy Scharff Ministries

Tue Jul 4 7:30     ST Chap. Donnie Cristopher+RSVP Praise

Thu Jul 6 2pm     B Bowery Mission Outreach Team

Thu Jul 6 7:30      B True North/St.Pauls Church-Bay Head

Fri Jul 7 2pm      S Dave Braun/Open Air Campaigners/PA

Fri Jul 7 7:30       P Patrizsha & Soulterior Motives Praise

Sat Jul 8 1pm      T Spark Gospel Singers/PA

Sat Jul 8 3pm      B 3-Way Stop

Sat Jul 8 7pm      B Glorious Ensemble

Sun Jul 9 2pm     T Carol Sexton/Keyboard/Pa

Sun Jul 9 4:30     H     Dave Doucette

Tue Jul 11 2pm    H Gentle Whisper/Hymns

Tue Jul 11 4+7:30 B Liebenzell USA/German&Micronesia Praise Tm

Thu Jul 13 2pm   T John K. Davis/Salem

Thu Jul 13 4pm   S Seriah Rein & Bob Orlowski

Sat Jul 15 Noon  B River Of Life-Belleville AOG

Sat Jul 15 3pm    T Bruno Lee/Trumpeter

Sat Jul 15 7pm    B   Anita Ferrer Praise

Sun Jul 16 2pm   T Pam Stonebraker

Sun Jul 16 4:30  ST Fifth Ave Chapel Ministry-Belmar

   Tue Jul 18 2pm    G Carl+Laurie Gentry

   Tue Jul 18 4pm    B Nels Nilsen&Friends

   Tue Jul 18 7:30   SB Chris Durkin&Praise-Colts Neck Com.Ch.

   Thu Jul 20 2pm   H Bev Cagliostro/Keyboard Hymns

   Thu Jul 20 4pm   B Jersey Sh/Market St Miss/AP+Morristown

   Fri Jul 21 2pm     H Becky Sassman & Friends

   Fri Jul 21 4pm     B Dave Miller

   Fri Jul 21 7:30     P Roadkill Redemption Praise Team

   Sat Jul 22 1pm    B Beloved 

   Sat Jul 22 3pm    B Joe Wamsley Praise Team

   Sat Jul 22 7pm     S Kevin Hay & Doug Mikula

   Sun Jul 23 2pm  ST F.Staton Bentley Jr & Dave Doucette

   Sun Jul 23 4:30   ST Mark Kolchin + Dave Doucette

   Tue Jul 25 2pm    T Glen+Elsie Graham+Barbara Armstrong

   Tue Jul 25 7:30    G Mark Miklos

   Thu Jul 27 2pm    T Dave Mcintosh

   Thu Jul 27 4pm  ST Bill Decoteaux & Dave Mcintosh

   Thu Jul 27 7:30  SB Frank Pino & La ManoDe Dios-Red Bank

   Fri Jul 28 4pm    B The Believers

   Fri Jul 28 7:30     B Chapel Drive/Zarephath 

Sat Jul 29 1pm    T Good Neighbors Choir

Sat Jul 29 3pm    T Male Chorus/Liv.Word-N.H.+Unity CR-P.L.

Sat Jul 29 7pm    B Oracle Praise Team/Mark Caplan+Friends

Sun Jul 30 2pm   B Shore Christian Center Choir

Sun Jul 30 4:30   G HeartSong Ministries



Sat Aug 5 Noon  B Chris Wright & Friends

Sat Aug 5 1pm    H Ed Jerlin/Keyboard Hymns/St.Isl.

Sat Aug 5 3pm    T Miguel+Pam Maldonado/Truth Fellowship Min.

Sat Aug 5 7pm    B Beth-Zion Messianic Congreg./Jackson

Sun Aug 6 2pm SB Raul Nassar+Praise/Calv.Chr.Ch.-Middlet.

Sun Aug 6 4:30    S Joe Valentini & Jim Winder

M-F Aug 7-11      C Noon Daily: Tri-M Co. Child Evang. Fell.

Tue Aug 8 2pm   B Gentle Whisper   

Tue Aug 8 4pm   B Joey Orchulli

Tue Aug 8 7:30    B Jim MillerFBCMetuch&KeithWittelTrin.Bible-All.

Thu Aug 10 2pm  T Bowery Mission Outreach Team

Thu Aug 10 4pm  T The Taylors/Calvary Baptist Ch-Belmar

Thu Aug 10 7:30  T Fifth Ave Chapel Outreach/Belmar

Fri Aug 11 2pm   T Mens Choir/Laurel Hill Bible Fell-Clemen.

Fri Aug 11 4pm   B Nels Nilsen & Friends

Fri Aug 11 7:30    P Living Water Ministry/CNJ

Sat Aug 12 1pm   B Dave Kurtz

Sat Aug 12 3pm   B Michael Shahid+Praise/Bayshore Chr.Fell.

Sat Aug 12 7pm   B Dave Doucette

Sun Aug 13 2pm B Faith-Factor/AldersgateUMC-E.Brunswick

Sun Aug 13 4:30  B Grace Bible Fellowship/Keansburg

Tue Aug 15 2pm  T John K Davis      

Tue Aug 15 7:30  B Redeemed Praise Team

Thu Aug 17 4pm  T Carol Riccardi & Friends

Thu Aug 17 7:30  B Restored Band-NNJ

Sat Aug 19 Noon B Maranatha Minstrels/Paramus Ch-Naz.

Sat Aug 19 3pm   B 3-Chord Truth/Michael Shahid&Friends

Sat Aug 19 7pm   P Zarephath Christian Church P&W

Sun Aug 20 2pm B Singers Of Hope-Presbyt. Ch-Tinton Falls

Sun Aug 20 4:30  S Paul Cowell

Tue Aug 22 2pm  T Robert+Joyce Hayes

Tue Aug 22 4pm  T Pam Stonebraker

Tue Aug 22 7:30 SB   True Colors Worship Band

Wd Aug 23 7:30 ST BobTurton,Tri-MCoCEF&RichardSwanson

Thu Aug 24 1pm  T Ruthy Brookman & Friends

Thu Aug 24 2:30  T Market St+Jersey Shore Rescue Mission

Thu Aug 24 4pm  T Paul & Mary Good

Thu Aug 24 7:30 SB Ben Foley & Glad Tidings AOG Praise

Fri Aug 25 Noon H Don Lundgren/Violin Pgm

Fri Aug 25 2pm   B Mike Wells

Fri Aug 25 7:30  B Fri Aug 25 4pm   T The Taylors/Calvary Baptist Ch-Belmar

Fri Aug 25 7:30   B His Branches/CNJ 

Sat Aug 26 1pm   P Dave Treen

Sat Aug 26 3pm   T RevelationSingersBob Kelly,Michelle Kimberling

Sat Aug 26 7pm   P Kings HWY Faith Fell.-Atl. Highlands 

Sun Aug 27 2pm B Pastor Porter+Pilgrim Bapt.Ch-Red Bank

Sun Aug 27 4:30  S Klaudia Zhelenny-Ch.P.Min.&Dianne Tam

Thu Aug 31 7:30  B CTW Praise

Fri Sep 1 2pm     B Mercy Shore

Fri Sep 1 4pm    ST Steve Craft+Christ Church Choir-Montcl.

Fri Sep 1 7:30      T Walter Santos

Sat Sep 2 1pm    B Crossroads Mission Band

Sat Sep 2 3pm    B     Helga Kaefer

Sat Sep 2 7pm  B/T Dave Miller

Sun Sep 3 2pm   G String Bean & The Stalkers 

Sun Sep 3 4:30    S Bob Turton & Shepherd's Pie


 B - Blended-Cont.+Trad.   P - Praise/More Contemporary    G - Gospel/Southern

 S  -  Surfside  Service    C - Children/Youth Emphasis  T- More Traditional Style     H  -  Emphasis on Hymns 

(Our Aim: An Evangelical & Evangelistic-

Focused Pgm Series)  

     Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. They that trust in the law shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth forever.   ( Psalm 119: 18;   Psalm 125:1  KJV )  

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