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"The great central fact of Ocean Grove is SALVATION. This is

its foundation, superstructure and capstone. When salvation ceases to be her fundamental and crowning work, she will lose her strength, and her glory will depart." - Ellwood H. Stokes D.D.

The Gospel Musical Ministry (GMM) Series continues this great Ocean Grove foundational purpose through its gospel outreach ministry.

In his latter years, the religious leaders in the Grove became concerned about increased secularism. Stokes noted that with the increased prosperity of the Camp Meeting attendees, more and more activities were focused on pleasure rather than religion. But Stokes continued his hard work in promoting the Camp Meeting religious life including services on the beach attended by thousands and sacred music in the Tabernacle.

He never finished his autobiography, so the last chapter was written by his friend and colleague Rev. Dr. Ballard who concluded by saying, “Whatever may come in the future–however much the forms and customs may change as they have already changed—the names of Ellwood H. Stokes and Ocean Grove will stand together while time has a history or eternity a record.*”


All hail the power of Jesus' name! Let angels prostrate fall; Bring forth the royal diadem,

and crown him Lord of all. Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown him Lord of all.

Dear Program Participants or Visitors:

The following LEFT COLUMM LIST is the OGCMA 2017 GMM UPDATING LIST. It will be continuously filled in. If you find your group/name listed below on the left, then it is tentatively confirmed. Later on we hope to send a Program List Attachment OR you may Review this list for your program date and time slot, which will also be a confirmation for you. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to update our procedures using email. Thanks for being part of Ocean Grove's Gospel Music Ministry.

Dear Program Participants:

THIS IS NOT INTERACTIVE, ONLY A CURRENT LIST OF GMM PGMS. PLEASE CONTACT GMM BY EMAIL TO: [email protected], OR REGULAR MAIL: GOSPEL MUSIC PGMS, POBOX 422, OCEAN GROVE, NJ, 07756, WITH 4-5 OR MORE GOOD CHOICES FOR YOU, SO THAT GMM CAN REVIEW TO CONFIRM A DATE. Hopefully on the RIGHT COLUMN LIST below when responses come in they will be listed there to show they were received by us in some form. When the program is slotted in, that program WILL BE HAVE BEEN MOVED TO THE LEFT COLUMN LIST at a date and time slotted.