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Gospel Outreach, Our Aim:ngelical & Evangelis


                     GOAS Financial Details:

2018 GOAS INCOME: $ 1420 (Donations: $ 320, JSGMF Transfers: $ 1100.).

2018 GOAS EXPENSES: $ 1768.28 (Envelopes & paper: $ 506.98, 

Postage: $ 200, Copy Machine Donation: $ 200, 

Stuff & Mailings/Poster Delivery: $ 335, Computer supplies: $ 130.57, Partial Summer Honorarium coverage: $ 150,  PA Equip: $ 245.73).

Perhaps there is a donor(s) who might like to help us replenish the GOAS account for 2019 bills. A JSGMF/GOAS tax-ded. receipt will be sent.

ONGOING G.O.A.S./Updates: This Tax-Deductible Account, separate from the Winter Series, receives donations for the over and above Summer Expenses, above what the OGCMA gives GMM as a “budget” to work with. We have a WHITE multi-purpose Donation envelope for that purpose. With making your check out to: “ G.O.A.S. ”, with “ Summer GMM Bills ” on the memo line, it can then be put to use for the gospel outreach materials and additional/left-over bills from the summer, anticipated again for 2019.