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( Pgm Contact:  Don Cleaves/GMM Series,  C/O POBX 422 OCEAN GROVE,   NJ,  07756  ( 732-775-0035 ))           (  Email Address: [email protected]   ~  Website:   )


        ( This report is available in the TAB or Y.T.  on/about the Labor Day Town Meeting; posted on the          website:, and on bulletin boards or mailed on request).


 Do you hear them coming, brother, Thronging up the steeps of light, Clad in glorious shining garments, 

Blood washed, garments pure and white?

Do you hear the stirring anthems, Filling all the earth and sky, ’Tis a grand, victorious army, 

Lift its banner up on high!

Wave the banner, shout His praises, For our victory is nigh! We shall join our conqu’ring Savior, 

We shall reign with Him on high!

 ’Tis a glorious church without spot or wrinkle, Washed in the blood of the Lamb.  ( Ralph E. Hudson, Eph. 5:27 )

DEAR FRIENDS:     As of the typing of this GMM Labor Day Report we are fast approaching the end of summer 2017.  Our GMM Mailing List Welcomes new folks from this summer, meeting several at programs, or calls/notes to be included in mailings.   Our wonderful regular & new music groups and speakers presented the saving knowledge of Christ to unbelievers, and were an encouragement to the saints. 

Our aim is to be a positive evangelical and evangelistically-focused outreach, Bible-based by encouraging/promoting teaching from God’s wonderful Word, inspired+inerrant, (using the trans-denominational statement of faith of the National Association of Evangelicals as a guideline).

We continued several primarily hymn programs as part of   “Hymnology 101- Hymn Appreciation”, continuing the practice of sending to especially younger groups a list of about 120 popular hymns, asking them to get a hymnbook/scan the internet for words + melodies, and learn a few hymns for OG programs, and learn many written here. Churches going to screens that do only contemporary chorusses, miss out on the rich music styles, notes, part-singing, melodies & lyrics, which older believers have been appreciating for years;  we still need solid doctrine + more congregational singing.   Still a work in progress.., on volume control/clarity with all kinds of new PA equipment, looking for a satisfying musical hymn & volume balance for all ages/worship styles to appreciate.

  In  2017  we gave out/had available/mailed thousands of Christian literature items: Gideon Bibles,  Campus Crusade’s “4 Spiritual Laws”; the RBC’s “Daily Bread”; CEF Bible study materials, J. Shore/Market St/Bowery/NYC Rescue Mission flyers; Tri-State Voice News; Charles Stanley’s ”In Touch”; Christian radio literature; approx. 8000 GMM flyers, 10000 GMM / JSGMF-Holiness pocket calendars, tracts from Good News, American Tract Society, Moments With The Book, flyers of area churches/organizations/singers/speakers participating, on our Ocean Grove Gospel Holiness Volunteers Program & Information Table, set up weather permitting.  Thanks to the Asbury Park Press, The Coaster, other papers, several Christian+area radio stations, Cablevision; and local stores for hanging posters. In addition, since we were founded as a Scriptural Holiness/Revivalist Camp Meeting organization,  we have pieces of literature/magazines from various organizational sources which teach/affirm the Biblical view of marriage and the sacredness of life, and help for addictions, from the InterChurch Holiness Convention News, God’s Bible School Revivalist, UMC Good News, Sword Of The Lord,  Fundamentalist Digest, American Family Journal, and other literature, in addition Holiness-themed programs.

              Total programs presented: 131;  All summer were responses for salvation, prayer concerns, literature distribution. Approx. /(& projected) total attend: 8165 ( a slight decrease from 2016), mostly dry weather, a few rain cancelations, more passersby during BWK weeknights (although many walking to Asbury with free parking here).  The largest GMM program attendance was:   Zarephath Christian Church, 500+ with many faithful church followers).

                     Income: 2017  Gifts to date: $5005  GMM Endowment Estimated Interest: $ 1500 (using 2016/guide)

                     Expenses to date & (expected):   Honorariums: $ 9500/(generally: to Missionaries/Gospel Miss.                                         Agencies/Churches/Full-time Singers/Speakers & Some  limited travel+gas+toll+limited over-                                    night expense re-imb, etc..); Printing: $ 300  Postage: $ 2000.  Misc: $ 200. 

       (((   $ 5005 +$ 1500 - $ 12000  =  [ - $ 5495 ] . So the approx. OGCMA GMM PORTION  

Needed by Dec. 31st. --->>> $ 5497.  )))

                We have spent/project the OGCMA  YELLOW ENVELOPE PORTION  of GMM expenses to be about a $ 12000 “Budget” (only a line item of  expected income = expenses).  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT  to cover  approx.  $ 5497,  by Dec. 31st,  and we trust the Lord’s people to send in their support in the Yellow envelopes  ( or any envelope clearly marked “OGCMA GMM Series”, and receipts will come from the OGCMA). Donations at the Pavilion go to performers.  Additional  expenses also include: copy paper,  envelopes/gospel tracts/literature + calendars;  literature outreach, extra OGCMA/Auditorium Choir ads+mailings. 

                 We project/expect that the G.O.A.S.(Gospel Outreach Aux. Services Account),  WHITE ENVELOPE PORTION  of summer expenses to be about: 

$ 3500.   White envelopes receive receipts from the JSGMF, fully tax-ded; used to  cover the final/and full summer bills Above & Beyond our OGCMA-given 2017 “budget”;  the only way we can cover ALL the summer bills.   I remind everyone, this is a by-faith ministry, not knowing the final bills til the season unfolds/ finishes, and going by Matthew 28: 19-20, we moved forward paying several final bills with the above GOAS account, knowing the Lord is pleased as we step out in faith for Him, and trust His people to cover these outlays.  To try and get timely bills paid & checks printed, we continue to use this streamlined above GOAS account.  So therefore we need more White Envelope GOAS donations.   (You may use the White envelope for either GMM or GOAS, and your check will be forwarded as designated, using one stamp then). Your gifts fully go to continue this Summer Gospel Musical Ministry, and this outreach continues only because of you.  You may always contact me for more specifics/questions anytime:  ( 732-988-8563 ).    The Thanksgiving Letter/JSGMF Program/Holiness Newsletter  will have more updated figures.  


               We are still waiting, 7th year now (for OGCMA Committees approval) for the GMM spotlights /sing-along+Bible reading light replacements which we had for 30 yrs there-so dark in back of PAV at night;  Please use the  White envelope to help with the lighting project.   We have some funds in savings from a  generous donor for some of the project. We need about $1500 more.  

                Thanks to our regular helpers:  Elaine Clary, Andrew & Lucas Genuarrio, Steve & Lorrie Mileham, Chris Roberts, helper Steve, Lillian Vaillancourt,  and other helpers, and the Office/ Auditorium/Beach/Maintenance Staffs,  the Ushers/Ladies Auxiliary, for their help/support

 in many ways.

                The 2018 GMM Pocket Calendars are in (printed by Moments With The Book, and we thank the OG Ladies Auxiliary for their donation support of this item each year). They are available in the Tabernacle, OGCMA Office, Bookstore/HUBB, the Tourism Bureau; and upon request to the OGCMA.  Stop and visit the Ocean Grove Gospel Holiness Outreach Table at the OG September Flea Market and the Main Ave street fairs. 

                Why not check out the website:, and find the Ocean Grove/GMM Box and drop to “GMM Listing To Date”, to view the slide carousel of OG Landmarks-old and new;  AND look for the OG2/Other Box, and drop to OG Christian Flags, and look at the slide carousel of all locations spotted to date flying or displaying Christian Flags. 

                We thank you for your prayers  for this GMM Series.   We want to Please the Lord in all we do. Let’s share the saving knowledge of Christ as 

often as we can.    Thankful for you and this opportunity/labor of love for Him during another summer.      

 DON           Don Cleaves,   OGCMA GMM Series           

   Then David said to the Philistine, “Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield; 

but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, 

 the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied. This day will the Lord deliver thee into mine hand; 

and I will smite thee,  and take thine head from thee...”        ( I. Samuel 17:45-46a KJV ) 

The final 2017 financial details will be listed at the bottom as an addendum.

                                                                   GMM INCOME

     $ 10185.46 (Donations: $ 7500, OG Ladies AUX Donation: $ 400, GMM Endow. Int.: $ 2285.46).

                                                   GMM EXPENSES: 

                       $ 10185.46 (Postage: $ 1960.46,  Honorariums for music & speakers: $ 8225).