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( H: 732-988-8563 ~ ~ Updated: 1/18/18 )

DEAR FRIENDS: Just a friendly reminder listed here on the: website, for our new/returning groups, which may have lots/more & more sound equipment which can be over our volume limits (too loud); some groups are used to high-energy programs/services elsewhere. We’ve posted this “VOLUME REMINDER” and may have been sent in mailings to help you plan. (Any questions, please call/email me).

Due to concerns from attendees/some houses along the nearby streets of being too loud, we need to keep a comfortable volume at our Boardwalk Pavilion programs. We appreciate all of you, for without your programs the gospel wouldn’t be as clear for vacationers, visitors, residents, and our organization folks alike. The message of salvation has been offered in various styles and formats, and new believers join His family each year with their names now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life for all eternity. My request here is to offer suggestions, requests, and requirements to your Music/PA/Sound Crew to make note of. Perhaps you have some thoughtful suggestions or corrective ideas for us? After 38+ years of programming, sound equipment advances/changes have taken place. (If your group would rather not present a more mellow/ lighter drums/comfortable volume-type program at the Pavilion, I could forward your name to our youth director for consideration with their more “strenuous volume” beach & Youth Temple concerts). Overall, we request more of a mellow, maybe acoustical, non-blaring style/less steady-rock beat at the Boardwalk Pavilion.

Here are my suggestions to reduce volume in/outside of the Pavilion:

1) PA SYSTEMS/VOLUME: Please bring a medium or small PA system, (using monitor-size speakers, without blasting). Instrumental music or group voices usually carry without a need for amplification, but soloists and those speaking need to use a sound system for folks on the fringes, who like to sit there. We request NO surround-sound/base-speakers/sub-woofers or big-main driver speakers, which carry too far down the Pathway. Please try to face the speakers north+south and NOT directly west down the Pathway; Perhaps not raising speakers on stands? If you do not have monitors, use one speaker for a monitor, or bring the speakers closer together to hear your music. Please do not use heavy base controls, echo, or reverb, because the folks cannot hear/understand the words, especially the newer songs which they probably do not know yet. The sound bounces around a lot. We want folks to hear the words and music. Maybe use more treble and cut down the heavy base beat of tracks and music. Please NO loud music while setting up/tarring down; let’s run through 1-2 selections before starting, to check all things out/adjust as needed. If in doubt about a possible loud rock beat selection(s), please do not sing it. Just the voices/vocals through the mains works best.

2) DRUMS & GUITAR AMPS: Please do not mike drums or guitar amps. Perhaps do some selections without drums/base guitars for variety. We request the drummer do a less intense playing of them, perhaps with a lighter-type of drumstick/brush, use “hotrod sticks” , or perhaps bring a plastic screen which helps with a more acoustical/mellow sound? Try facing the guitar amps north & south or toward the performers, and not directly at the audience. This helps with volume/clarity. Please do not put drums + guitar amps through the main or monitor speakers (unless an electronic drum, and then slightly...).

PLEASE RESPECT the person introducing you/overseeing the program, or other staff person, who asks you to adjust the volume. We have to answer to others after you are gone, and we want to be a blessing, respectful, and be able to continue this series til Jesus comes.

THANK YOU For Your Understanding & ANTICIPATED OBSERVANCE Of The Above To Please The Lord In All We Do.

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